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How can i recover my apple id password without email and security questions.How to Unlock Apple ID Without Email and Security Questions

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How To Reset Apple ID If You Forgot The Password | Macworld.

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Open the Find My iPhone app.

How can i recover my apple id password without email and security questions.If you forgot your Apple ID email address or phone number

Just follow the below steps to learn how to do so:. Select the option to reset your password, then choose Continue. Use a trusted phone number, trusted email address, recovery key or account recovery contact In some cases, you may be able to reset your password using a trusted phone number and trusted email address. If you’re using a recovery key for account security, you can use it to help you reset your password on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


How can I recover my Apple ID without email or security question?.

Unlock iPhone without a screen passcode.


How can i recover my apple id password without email and security questions.How to Unlock Apple ID without Phone Number/Email/Security Questions


But we do. Maybe you got confused when Apple made you change to a new password; maybe you picked one that was just too complicated to remember. This can cause all sorts of problems when you are setting the device up. In this case you need to ask the previous owner to remove the device from their Apple iCloud account which they can do by using the Find My app, or going how can i recover my apple id password without email and security questions icloud.

A couple of things before we get started. Should this cxn to you, try this посетить страницу источник How to unlock a disabled Apple ID. But the good news is that over the years Apple has simplified this process and, as long as you have set questtions two factor authentication, changing your Apple ID password should be very simple. The steps below will depend on the type of security you set up for your Apple account.

Assuming you have two-factor authentication set up rather than two-step verification the process outlined in the steps below should work. Otherwise, you may secruity to answer some security questions and provide a eamil Recovery Key which we discuss below. We look at the different ways you can reset your password and access the account in more detail below.

If you inherited the device from an elderly relative, for example, you may be wondering how to disassociate their Apple ID from the device. Apple is aware of this scenario and has set up a new method by which questons people can recover Apple ID passwords — but it does need to have been set up in advance. A Recovery Contact can get a one-time recovery code that can be used to unlock how can i recover my apple id password without email and security questions account.

To set up Recovery Applee you need to do the following — unfortunately this needs to happen before the wuthout is forgotten! If the device is old Choose Remove from Account. You can remove old devices that you no longer use here! While you are setting this up, you should also add a Legacy Contact, which will be someone who can recover your account and access your data if you die.

Your Legacy Contact will just need a copy of your death certificate to get access to your account. When setting up a new iPad, iPhone or Mac, or when creating an Apple IDyou rfcover have been asked to enter answers to some security questions: the name of the road where you grew up, perhaps, or the name of a favourite teacher.

It has to be exactly the same as the way you answered during setup. So that may not be useful for those of you reading this article. Rather than answering the security questions you can choose instead to have a password reset email sent to you. This will be sent to a second email address you have associated with your Apple ID — perhaps a work email.

Before you wmail this option, make sure you ahd access to that email account. Two-factor authentication is an form of security that Apple has been pushing since the rollout of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra back in Two-step verification is is older security system that Apple introduced a few years ago wjthout there was a lot of negative publicity about iCloud security. Celebrities were having their accounts hacked and intimate personal photos were leaking online.

Apple users who were concerned about security at the time may have two-step verification set up for their Apple ID. If this applies to you, you would have been sent a character Recovery Key that Apple advised you to print and keep in a safe place. With two-step verification, password recovery depends on whether you know the Recovery Key.

Along with your password you will need to enter your Apple ID, which is usually an email address you associate with the /4980.txt. You just need to find a device hod is already signed into securith Apple ID. If you fail to find your Apple ID after trying those methods, you will need how can i recover my apple id password without email and security questions visit the Apple ID page online at appleid.

Enter your first name, last name and email address. If you enter the wrong email address, you can try again with a different one until the email address смотрите подробнее recognised.

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