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This troubleshooting guide will help error identify and resolve problems посмотреть больше may encounter while attempting to authorize your Freedom Scientific product using Internet License Manager ILM.

Here you can find a list of error messages zoom error codes list – none: edror may encounter when using ILM-based products developed by Freedom Scientific. These error messages are applicable to all Freedom Scientific products that use Internet License Manager for authorization.

Tip: Freedom Scientific maintains a database of technical support notices TSNs and frequently nohe: questions FAQs that can help address these and other problems you may be experiencing with ILM authorization. If you cannot find information about your problem in this guide, refer to the Freedom Scientific Support pagewhere you can look up articles specific to certain products and issues. The first step in determining your problem is to determine what type of software license you are using: single-user, non-network multi-user, or network multi-user.

A single-user license allows you to run your software on a single computer. Multi-user licenses allow you to run the software on a number of computers.

Non-network multi-user licenses are useful if the computers are not connected to a network and do not require zoom error codes list – none: codds server. Network multi-user licenses require that you set up a license server on a computer on the same network as the other computers where the software will be used.

After you determine what type of license you have, select a link below that corresponds to when you received the error:. This error means there was a problem with your Internet connection. Check to make sure that the computer is able to access the Internet. If the connection is operational, the lst zoom error codes list – none: be caused by another connection test performed during activation.

If the test fails for any reason, the error displays. Check to make sure that the computer can successfully ping www. If the server is within a company firewall or router, there may be restrictions on pinging servers outside the company network. Temporarily disable the firewall or router or reconfigure it to allow communication with zoom error codes list – none: outside the network.

Windows Firewall prevents a client computer from retrieving a license from the license server JAWS isn’t speaking at install or startup. This error is not associated with anything specific. Please contact Freedom Scientific Technical Support. This zoom error codes list – none: indicates that your Authorization number has been disabled for some reason.

Contact Customer Service at to resolve this fodes. This certificate is renewed on an annual basis so the date range always encompasses a year.

Check the date on the computer. Erroe system date must be the current date. This error can display for a number of different reasons. First, check the Authorization number that you entered. It should be 20 hexadecimal characters with no spaces. Make sure there are also no spaces at the beginning and the end of the number.

Correct the number and then retry the activation process. Please make sure you have established a connection before continuing If this is the case, ignore the error and refer to the following error description. This error may also display if you cancel your product registration. If this is the case, ignore the error. If none of the above resolves the problem, the SentinelExpress license server that provides you with your Activation License code may be temporarily lisr.

Try again at a later time or contact Technical Support. If none of the above resolve zoom error codes list – none: problem, the following is a list of other reasons this error may occur:. This error indicates that an Activation License code matching the current Locking code was found, but there is a problem with it. Please нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Technical Support.

You may have used all of your available activation keys. Zopm request that Freedom Scientific reset the number of activation keys you have available, complete and submit the Request for Product Activation Reset Form. Please allow up to one business day for the reset to occur. Tip: You can verify how many activation keys you have remaining at www.

This error displays when the activation process attempts to install a network Activation License code that is identical one that is already install on the system. While the SentinelLM service is running, check if there are any licenses installed. Use WlmAdmin to view running servers and their licenses.

If there are licenses, determine if there is one that matches the license you are trying retrieve. If so, you must remove that feature before a new one can be читать далее. However, it is safe to leave the license as is, zoom error codes list – none: lidt the license will not change anything.

When activating a network license, you receive an error [93] message. This error indicates that the Authorization number you entered does not exist in the Freedom Scientific database. Verify that you entered the Authorization number correctly.

If the activation fails again, contact Technical Support to verify that the number exists in the Freedom Scientific database. Errror error can display for a number of different reason.

A common cause for this error is that your Authorization number zoom error codes list – none: been deactivated. Contact Technical Support to verify whether your Authorization number has been deactivated.

This error indicates that an Activation License code was retrieved from the Freedom Scientific server, but the code could not be added to the license file for some reason. After you close the error message box, you may receive another error message: “SentinelLM: Error [19] Failed to add license code.

You are running a license server for a third party program on the same computer There is a separate SentinelLM license server zoom error codes list – none: a third party program on the same network You are running Windows 9x on the computer The Activation License code does not match the computer’s current Locking code.

If you receive this error while attempting to activate your license, another third party application such as SPSS or Mercury Quicktest Pro may also be using the SentinelLM authorization scheme. This application may have a license jone: on the same computer. If you attempt to activate the network license on the same server computer where the other SentinelLM network license is, the first application’s license information is detected and the activation fails.

Note: It is difficult for Freedom Scientific to indicate whether other programs use SentinelLM, as it is not typically advertised. Network administrators should be aware of other applications on the server that also use the SentinelLM scheme. Currently, you can work around this problem by installing the Freedom Scientific license server on a different computer.

This way, more than one license server can exist on the network. You can install the license server on any computer connected to your network. It is читать больше required that you install it on an actual network server. This will not affect future Freedom Scientific product licenses residing on the same license server. If you is 175 mbps fast internet – is 175 mbps fast internet: this error while attempting to activate your license, a SentinelLM license server for a third party application such as SPSS or Mercury Quicktest Pro may be hone: the same network.

Use WlmAdmin to see noe: any other active license servers are on the network. Restart the activation process and attempt to retrieve an Activation License code again. This error can also occur if the computer is using Windows 9x as the operating system.

If you restart your computer and retry the activation, you receive zoom error codes list – none: errors again. Do the following to activate your network license:.

This error also occurs if the Activation License code is valid, but the Locking code belongs to another computer. Note: Zoom error codes list – none: method used to set an environment variable depends on which version of Windows you are using. If you receive this message after activating your license, refer to the following error description.

This error indicates that the program is trying to broadcast to find a suitable license server. If something is blocking the broadcast, this error is returned. If activating a network license, check to see if the server is protected by a firewall. If so, make sure that ports and are allowed. You will need to quit and then restart the activation process. After you receive this error, a second message typical displays that reads: “Error Code: Unknown server host.

This error occurs if a server name for the network license server was specified but that server does not seem to exist. The utility broadcasts on the network and returns a list of running SentinelLM servers. The search results will zoom error codes list – none: similar to the following:. SentinelLM 7. The displayed server name may indicate that no host name has been assigned to the IP address. The network administrator should be aware of whether or not a host name has been assigned to the computer.

Add this environment variable to the computer running the license server and all client computers that will use the Freedom Scientific software. After you have added the environment variable, retry the activation process. Alternatively, you can assign a host name to the computer the license server is installed on to resolve this issue.

If you are using Windows 98 or ME, this error message may display after your computer returns lisr Standby mode.

After you receive this message, the program loses authorization. If you attempt to restart the Freedom Scientific program, your system fails Windows 98 or the program continues running in unauthorized mode Windows ME. If you restart your computer, the program stops running in unauthorized mode and functions normally. However, the problem will occur again if the computer errror on standby.


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